Security Guard with a Big Head

We went to the bus station yesterday, and there was a security guard I’d never seen before. I handed a tract to a guy that was talking to him, and the guard took it away from the guy, and said, “You can’t do that here.”

I told him that it’s public property and we have the right to do this as it has been worked out between our attorney and the city attorney. I asked to see the written policy. He said he’d show me and we walked inside.

As we were walking he said this is federal property. I told him that he’s wrong and it’s city property, and even if it’s federal property, it wouldn’t matter as government property is public property.


Assessor’s website shows ownership of the property as the City of Pueblo

So we got inside and he tried to interpret the document hammered out by lawyers. I thought it was the proper document at the time, but after reviewing my copy, I’ll have to verify that they actually have the correct version on display. Anyway, it’s a little bit confusing if you’ve never read it before, and he was befuddled. He thought it had contradictory provisions where solicitation was banned but distribution of non-commercial literature is acceptable. He thought we were doing religious solicitation, but solicitation is generally asking for money or selling something.

Since he thought it was contradictory, he said he’d meet us 50/50 and let us continue. I assured him that I wasn’t interested in his 50/50, we would be following the document 100%.

After that, I walked away and tried to talk to someone sitting on the first bench by the door. He said I was within 10 feet of the door (that is one of the provisions in the document–that we stay at least 10 feet from the doors and bus doors). I told him he better get his measuring tape, as I wasn’t within 10 feet, and 10 feet is 3 big steps plus 1 foot. He just scoffed. I told him if he’s going to be following me around that we’re going to have problems. Looking back, I guess that could have been taken as a threat, but I just meant that him following me around was unacceptable.

He went and talked to the ladies in the ticket booth, and he came back and said they don’t want me in the building. I just said I don’t care, call the cops. I went on passing out tracts, and the next time I walked by him, he was on the phone, and asked me my name. I said I don’t give out my name. I should have specified that I give out my name to decent people–not power hungry dorks.

That was the last time I saw him. I think his shift ended. I wish I would have recorded it.

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