More Unjust Taxation

Fremont County voters approved the indefinite extension of a 2% lodging tax yesterday. It seems perfect, because no one who voted for it actually has to pay the tax; I doubt there are many registered voters living out of motel.

Isn’t it great that we can “legally” steal money from people who most likely are just visiting. After all, when we go out of town, we are charged a lodging tax. Never mind the golden rule; the true golden rule of modern Christianity is, “Government can do whatever it wants.”

Ultimately all taxes are collected at gun point. But we Americans are a meek people, so it rarely ever comes to that. Nevertheless, that is what you voted for if you voted in favor of this tax–the use of force and violence to collect funds to advertise to tourists. While voters may have legalized this tax under man’s law, it remains illegal under God’s law.


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