Self-Refuting Statements of Atheists

An atheist on Youtube said, “There are, therefore, no absolutes anywhere.”

I told him that the statement is self-refuting. I hoped he would see the truth of my observation without much further explanation, and I didn’t want to make him feel bad about saying such a foolish thing.

But he later repeated it. So I thought I ought to offer a little more thorough correction.

This is what I said, “I pointed out before that this silly idea of no absolutes is self-refuting. In order to type that sentence, you assume absolute truth, absolute laws of logic, etc. By rejecting God, you’ve chosen absurdity. You know that there is no basis for absolutes without God, so you have to give them up. In reality, you can’t type a declarative sentence without absolutes. Every intelligible sentence you type demonstrates your inherent knowledge that God exists.”

Even children can understand the idea that there are no absolutes is self-refuting. But it is common for atheists to say such preposterous things. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22).


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