Church Sign I January 13, 2014

I plan on making this a routine posting. The Southern Baptist church near my house posts a saying on their sign and changes it every few days or weeks. Currently the sign says:

Exercise daily this year spiritual talk with God.

In case you think this is a mis-statement, it is on both sides of the sign. If anyone has a translation into English I’d love to hear it.

Last week it said:

Exercise daily this year. Walk with God.

Which is perfectly understandable. My question would be whether this is a good reminder for Christians, or is it making light of how we are commanded to offer ourselves as living sacrifices.

Before Christmas, the sign said:

Jesus loves you snow much.

I’m opposed to this statement for two reasons. It is too cavalier, and conveying a message that is contrary to the furtherance of the gospel. If someone is not a Christian, I think Christ loves them in a certain sense, as He is giving them good food and oxygen, etc. But if someone isn’t a Christian, God’s wrath abides on them (John 3:36). They’re children of the devil, and telling them that Jesus loves them isn’t helping them see these truths. They may not be able to see the gravity of their sin against a holy God, and they won’t have a proper understanding of the cross.

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