Classic Youtube Comment

How’s this for exposing hypocrisy?

The person who posted the video below, put this in the video description:

For some reason the bureaucrats running City “government” have allowed these anti choicers to broadcast an offensive looped video over and over again at Powell and Market in San Francisco, “enhanced” by hideous, blaring music!

Obviously, the guy doesn’t care about freedom of speech or comprehend that even offensive speech should be protected. What he finds unoffensive, I’m sure I would dislike strongly, and the government doesn’t have the right to censor him. He doesn’t comprehend that that freedom goes both ways.

Furthermore, he’s pro-choice, and I don’t know how he justifies that, but if it is a legal procedure, why would pictures of the results be offensive?

While my comments are true, this youtube commenter really knocks it out of the park with this pithy little comment:

Jon Swerens said,

So, “pro-choice” means that your opponents aren’t allowed to speak publicly? And you call THEM “anti-choice”? Clever!

Here’s the video if you care to see it. There is a lot of cussing from the pro-choice people, so be warned.


One Response to Classic Youtube Comment

  1. ted says:

    Typical liberal opposition—they can’t come up w/ a decent argument why sin is good,, so they just resort to screaming and name calling

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