What is Going On?

I enjoyed reading this article by James White. He specifically says he’s not an expert on Islam. That’s why I was fascinated by the following  entry on Facebook regarding the Ergun Caner situation. I suggest you read the original article, with an eye to answering the question of whether James White thinks he’s an expert on Islam. Then, read the conversation between Craig and me. Either I or Craig see the world completely upside down and illogically.

Craig Daliessio

So one of the detractors who I won’t name but whose name is also a color, is attacking ALL of Caner’s friends / supporters by name. In the same post he says he is a foremost expert on Islam because he has a “substantial Islamic section of his library”. Here’s some info…no matter how many times you watch “The Godfather”…you still won’t be Italian.

Bill Phillips

Craig, Where does he claim to be a foremost expert on Islam? All I can find is this: “I have consistently eschewed the title of “expert on Islam.” Honest people know I refer to myself as a student of Islam.”

Craig Daliessio

you’re kidding right?. You missed the whole line about the number of books in his library? Hey how IS the kool-aid?

Bill Phillips

Thank you for that insight.

Craig Daliessio

Thank you for showing up here on a site designated for those who want to stand and pray for Dr. Caner and dragging that stooge into the conversation yet again. You know…nobody would know what a Remora is if not for sharks. White should thank God every single day of his life that there even IS an Ergun Caner because unless he was there for White to attach his sucker to, nobody outside of a few hundred extremists and the 50 or 60 people who attend his “conferences” would even know who he is. Go start a James White fan page and see the doors bust open with members. You want me to be polite? Seriously?

Craig Daliessio

here is a quote from White’s own blog (coward.com) where he blasts someone for questioning his stature as an Islamic expert: White writes, “I hear Peter Lumpkins (one of the chief purveyors of addled thinking in the promotion of Canerism today) has raised questions about my being an expert on Islam. Once again Lumpkins shows himself utterly incapable of either research, or honesty, or both.”

Bill Phillips

1. I am praying for Dr. Caner.
2. I didn’t say anything about wanting you to be polite. Though it seems like the obvious thing for someone who professes the name of Christ.
3. Your original comment was about Dr. White. I only asked for your clarification, of which I’ve received an abundance. Thanks.
4. There is no reason for anyone who reads that entry to accept your misrepresentation of it. I don’t care to defend it or Dr. White, as there is no need for a defense.

Craig Daliessio

Germans didn’t feel the need to defend Hitler either.

One Response to What is Going On?

  1. Alison says:

    Um, Craig??? No matter what delusions you are under about Dr. Caner, you can’t claim to be a Christian and act this way. Name-calling? Juvenile Kool-Aid remarks? Sounds not so much Christ-like, or even just plain nice.

    Sorry, Craig, but Dr. Caner’s lies are well-substantiated, James White or no James White. He was exposed. It was very sad. Why are you so compelled to cover up the truth? Is Dr. Caner a personal friend?

    I once met a Christian journalist who was incredible, inspiring, and worked for a major national newspaper. When he was exposed as a fraud, I didn’t want to believe it either. It is indeed heart-breaking to see a person who you believe in fall from grace, but it’s a sad reality. Covering your ears and singing loudly will never erase the truth.

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