Why Aren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses Born Again?

Here’s another video about Jehovah’s Witnesses, and their inability to harmonize the entirety of the Scripture. I think it covers a topic that they don’t have an anwer for. It revolves around 1 John 5:1 and being born again. That verse might be a good verse to memorize for the next time they knock on your door. It is my sincere hope that all Jehovah’s Witnesses find that verse and meditate on it. I’ve found that it’s easy to explain the Gospel when the topic of being born again comes up.

Enjoy the short video!

5 Responses to Why Aren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses Born Again?

  1. David R. says:

    *** g76 6/22 pp. 27-28 What Does It Mean to be “Born Again”? ***

    What Is the Bible’s View?

    What Does It Mean to be “Born Again”?

    A BASIC requirement for gaining entrance into the heavenly kingdom is one’s being “born again.” Said Jesus Christ to the Jewish ruler Nicodemus: “Most truly I say to you, Unless anyone is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3) But what does it mean to be “born again”? To answer this question, we must examine what else Jesus pointed out to Nicodemus.

    Reporting on the conversation between the Son of God and Nicodemus, the apostle John wrote: “Nicodemus said to him: ‘How can a man be born when he is old? He cannot enter into the womb of his mother a second time and be born, can he?’ Jesus answered: ‘Most truly I say to you, Unless anyone is born from water and spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. What has been born from flesh is flesh, and what has been born from the spirit is spirit. Do not marvel because I told you, You people must be born again. The wind blows where it wants to, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from and where it is going. So is everyone that has been born from the spirit.’”—John 3:4-8.

    Jesus’ words indicate that a spiritual rebirth is involved and that both water and spirit play a role in this. But how is a person “born from water and spirit”?

    The answer to this question becomes clear when we consider the work of John the Baptist. On one occasion Jesus Christ stated: “The Law and the Prophets were until John. From then on the kingdom of God is being declared as good news, and every sort of person is pressing forward toward it.” (Luke 16:16) So the activity of John the Baptist served as a preparatory arrangement for those of his own people to be in line for entrance into the heavenly kingdom.

    Only by acting in harmony with what John proclaimed could a circumcised Jew come in line for this marvelous privilege. As Jesus Christ told unbelieving religious leaders of Judaism: “Truly I say to you that the tax collectors and the harlots are going ahead of you into the kingdom of God. For John came to you in a way of righteousness, but you did not believe him. However, the tax collectors and the harlots believed him, and you, although you saw this, did not feel regret afterwards so as to believe him.”—Matt. 21:31, 32.

    Those harlots and tax collectors therefore submitted to water baptism by John. Of course, the baptism in itself did not put individuals in line for the heavenly kingdom. This is clear from what John the Baptist told certain Pharisees and Sadducees who wanted to be immersed: “You offspring of vipers, who has intimated to you to flee from the coming wrath? So then produce fruit that befits repentance.” (Matt. 3:7, 8) Accordingly, ‘being born of water’ involves water baptism, but such baptism must be preceded by repentance and a turning around from a wrong course. This is one essential for membership in the kingdom of the heavens.

    A person’s being “born from the spirit” points to yet another baptism. John the Baptist called attention to this, saying: “I, for my part, baptize you with water because of your repentance; but the one coming after me [the Christ] is stronger than I am . . . That one will baptize you people with holy spirit.”—Matt. 3:11.

    On the day of Pentecost of 33 C.E., some 120 baptized disciples of Jesus Christ experienced such a baptism with holy spirit. As a visible proof of that baptism, they were empowered to speak in foreign languages. Explaining that Jesus Christ was the one partly responsible for this, the apostle Peter said to an astonished crowd: “Because he was exalted to the right hand of God and received the promised holy spirit from the Father, he has poured out this which you see and hear.”—Acts 2:33.

    By thus being born of spirit, those disciples became spirit-begotten sons of God, with the prospect of heavenly life. They are Kingdom heirs in association with Jesus Christ. Commenting on this in his letter to believers at Rome, the Christian apostle Paul wrote: “You received a spirit of adoption as sons, by which spirit we cry out: ‘Abba, Father!’ The spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are God’s children. If, then, we are children, we are also heirs: heirs indeed of God, but joint heirs with Christ.”—Rom. 8:15-17.

    As Jesus told Nicodemus, persons “born from the spirit” are like the wind. In what way? This is because the original Source of their spirit-begettal is Jehovah God. This cannot be discerned by humans generally, any more than they can see the blowing wind. They may hear the sound of the wind and can observe its effects. Similarly, they may note the effects that God’s spirit is having on those who are “born again.” But they cannot fully appreciate the cause of these effects nor do they comprehend the heavenly destination toward which spirit-begotten persons are moving.

    The Bible book of Revelation gives a specific number for those associated with Jesus Christ in rulership. We read: “Look! the Lamb [Jesus Christ, who died a sacrificial death like a lamb offered in sacrifice] standing upon the Mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand having his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads. . . . These are the ones that keep following the Lamb no matter where he goes. These were bought from among mankind [not from just one nation of people like the Israelites] as firstfruits to God and to the Lamb.”—Rev. 14:1-4.

    But what of the rest of humankind? Must they, like the 144,000, be “born again”? No, for not all who gain God’s approval are associated with Jesus Christ in rulership. The majority will be earthly subjects of God’s kingdom by Christ. As such, they will witness the fulfillment of Revelation 21:4: “[God] will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” Since they have earthly prospects, they are not begotten by God’s spirit. Such begettal serves to engender within an individual a heavenly hope—a hope that is not shared by the earthly subjects of the Kingdom. Nevertheless, God’s spirit operates upon all his servants, just as it did upon faithful men and women of pre-Christian times. It enables them to reflect its fruitage in their lives ‘love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness and self-control.’—Gal. 5:22, 23.

    So, then, the only ones who are “born again” are persons who will be associated with Jesus Christ in heavenly rulership. They are born of both water and spirit, that is, they have been baptized in water and have the spirit’s witness that they have been adopted as sons of God. Without thus being born of water and spirit they could never hope to inherit the heavenly kingdom

  2. billphillips says:


    Again, please don’t just copy and paste Watchtower articles. Sum it up in your own words. I would like to have a conversation.

    I’ve said this in the other post you commented on, but I’ll say it again in hopes that you read it, and answer my questions.

    1 John 5:1 (NWT) says, “Everyone believing that Jesus is the Christ has been born from God…”

    Aren’t you included in “everyone who believes Jesus is the Christ”? Why aren’t you born from God?

    Also, if you’re not born again or born from God you are a spiritually dead, child of the devil. Take a look at Ephesians 2:1, Romans 8, Colossians 2:13, etc. The spiritually dead children of the devil go to hell. Please think about it, and please answer my questions.

    I look forward to your response, and a friendly conversation.


  3. Jim says:

    David: The only thing about ‘water’ is that you have muddied it! Please read John 3 again and understand it before bringing in John’s baptism, Luke 16 and what not. Look again at John 3:3-7. The point is that a man must be born of the Spirit (v.7). You seem to place baptism before repentance! Baptism is made on profession of (and conditional upon) faith in the true incarnate Jesus and that involves repentance from sin.

    Here’s somthing else to consider: the verb mood and idea of being born (Can you do that yourself?) suggests that the person is born of God – i.e. by the power and action of God. Jesus does NOT say, make yourself born again. The ‘natural man’ is dead and needs God to make him alive. The natural man is blind and needs God to make him see.

    Oh David, you are like I once was: dead and blind – not to mention under the just sentence of God’s condemnation. Please turn from trusting in the Watchtower organisation. They are blind guides. Please turn from your sin and put your trust in the Christ of the Scriptures alone and nothing else. He will not accept your ‘good works’ for they are as filfthy rags in his sight (Isaiah 64:6).

    Please think of your own soul. Beg God to have mercy upon you as we all need to do. Please.

  4. David R. says:

    Dear billphillips and Jim: It takes so much time to answer your rediculous questions that have ALREADY been answered because you refuse to read articles that I have “cut and pasted” which have the answers in them. That is why I, or other JW’s, don’t take the time to rewrite the same thing to you! It is my answer, albeit, in an article that is written much better than I could do myself. It is what I would say anyway! Why, would you belive it more if I said the same thing myself? Man! How narrowminded!

    We don’t “argue” with people at the doors. It get’s no one anywhere and only incites people. We do love to discuss at length with people who have a genuine interest in learning what the Bible says. But people like you would argue with Jesus if he came to your door. He, too, would not take the time to be insulted by your ignorant, satanic, reasonings. For instance: Satan told Eve she would not die, right after she told him, (as the serpent), she would die. (Gen. 3:1-5) But the churches today say the same Satanic lie: ‘You will not die when you die, you will go to Hell Or Heaven, in essence telling them they will not die. But the Bible says you will die: (Eze.18:4; Isa.53:12; Job 11:20; Ec.9:5,10; Ps.146:3,4) among others. But you would rather carry on the lie.

    Just like your opening statement about 1 John 5:1 that you don’t understand. Again, this is what I believe too:

    Jehovah imparts his holy spirit as a gift to his people. Christians given a heavenly hope are anointed with holy spirit. (1 John 2:20; 5:1-4, 18) Yet, God’s servants having earthly prospects have the spirit’s help and guidance. Among these was Moses, who had Jehovah’s spirit, as did the 70 men appointed to assist him. (Numbers 11:24, 25) Under the influence of holy spirit, Bezalel served as an expert craftsman in connection with Israel’s tabernacle. (Exodus 31:1-11) God’s spirit came upon Gideon, Jephthah, Samson, David, Elijah, Elisha, and others. Though these individuals of ancient times will never be brought to heavenly glory, they were guided and helped by holy spirit, as are Jesus’ other sheep today. So, then, possession of God’s spirit does not mean that we necessarily have the heavenly calling. Yet, Jehovah’s spirit provides guidance, helps us to preach and fulfill other God-given assignments, gives us power beyond what is normal, and produces in us its fruitage of love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, and self-control. (John 16:13; Acts 1:8; 2 Corinthians 4:7-10; Galatians 5:22, 23) Should we not be thankful for this gracious gift from God?

    The Bible was written mainly for the spiritual Jews who would have the heavenly calling. Those whom Jesus called the “other sheep” (John 10:16) would, too, have Jehovah’s spirit, but not the heavenly calling, but these “meek” ones will live right here on a cleansed earth. (Ps. 37:11)

    And, Jim, if you would have taken the time to read the above article about being born again, you would not have stated: “You seem to place baptism before repentance!”
    But, like always, you are fixated on the lie. Please read it!

    If I was at your door, I would say to you, “Well, then, have a nice day” and I would take my leave. Because I need to focus the little time I have on helping people who want to learn the Bible, not on closed minded, antibible zealots who only want to water the Bible down to their own understandings.

    Sorry, you’ll have to find someone else to argue with. Keep praying that someday God will open up your heart and mind to the Truth. Before it is too late!

  5. billphillips says:


    Why do you refuse to answer the questions I ask? The articles don’t address the questions I ask, and you don’t either. I have to assume you just don’t know the Bible, and have no answer.

    For the fourth time now, are you born again or spiritually dead? We are all born dead in our sins (except Jesus). Take a look at John 5:16-40, Eph 2:1, Colossians 2:13, John 1:12-13, Luke 25:24,32, Romans 8, Romans 6:13, 1 John 3:14. Being born again is the process of being raised to life from the spiritually dead. If you are still spiritually dead, you won’t go to heaven or paradise on earth.

    You must test the Watchtower just as the Bereans and others were commended for verifying what Paul said with the Bible (Acts 17:11). The Bible is inspired. The Watchtower is not.


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