Frightening Statistics

On D. James Kennedy’s Coral Ridge Hour this week were some statistics that scared me into action.

  • 3,000 softcore porn images are shown by MTV every week.
  • MTV is the number-one viewing choice of teenage girls.
  • Teens see 15,000 sexual references on TV annually.
  • Only 4 percent of teens are predicted to become Bible-believing Christians.

When my wife and I went to Pizza Hut for lunch, I noticed a group of five teenagers at a table close to ours. Seeing them reminded me of the report I’d watched that morning, and I felt the urge to do something to counteract the influence of the media. I had some Smart Card gospel tracts on me, and I thought I could just drop them off at their table as we left. My imagination ran wild, envisioning the teens yelling at me to stay away from them, and the employees calling the cops to have me arrested for proselytizing on private property, but I decided to go ahead with the plan. As we left, I went up to their table, and handed each of them one, telling them they could take the test while they waited for their pizza. They seemed grateful and curious to find out what I was giving them. The Pizza Hut employees didn’t notice, and they probably wouldn’t have said anything if they had.

I hope the teens had an interesting conversation about eternity—and I hope they will choose to follow God instead of the path the media is pulling them down.


One Response to Frightening Statistics

  1. kevpickup says:

    Great post, i often pray that the lord can bless those around me as much as he has blessed me. Life is a journey and not a destination

    (newbie christian)

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