Smart Cards in Canada

When my wife and I went to visit her family in British Columbia recently, I took Smart Card gospel tracts. Generally, they’re more effective for starting a conversation than simply handing out, because people are intrigued by them, and like to find out what the purpose is. (It’s astonishing to me how many people actually believe that the square will turn green if they’re a good person.) 


One day my wife, two nieces, and I were walking around an area by the water with several little gift shops. I handed the clerks Smart Cards as we left each shop. We walked into one store that had rather crude items and T-shirts, and I handed the clerk one. After we were finished shopping, we walked back by the shop on our way to the car and the lady poked her head out of her shop and said, “Thank you so much for the card; I needed that today.”  

Another day, we sat in front of a threesome of teenagers at National Treasure 2. Before the movie started, the kids, who were devoted fans with homemade National Treasure T-shirts, offered us a clue (a handwritten message on a scrap of paper, which they said was the first clue from the first National Treasure movie). At first I said, “No thanks.” They asked me to take it again, and I said I’d take it in exchange for a Smart Card. They each took one, and did the little test, and were confused with the result. I told them it’s actually a trick because no one is good, and I discussed a few of the Ten Commandments with them. I got to the Third Commandment, and I asked the one kid if he’d ever taken God’s name in vain, and he said he didn’t believe in God. I knew the movie was about to start, so I ignored his objection, and asked whether he’d be innocent or guilty by the standard of the Ten Commandments. He admitted to being guilty, and admitted he’d be headed for hell. It didn’t concern him, because he didn’t believe in God or heaven or hell. Right as the movie was starting, I just asked him to please think about it, and read the Bible.  

Later, after we had returned home, I gave one to the cashier at Arby’s. He studied it for several minutes, and agreed with me that no one is good, as Jesus said. As we were eating our food, we heard a coworker exclaim, “That’s the coolest you-need-God-in-your-life thing I’ve ever seen!” 

I’ve grown to enjoy handing out the Smart Cards and leaving them in ATMs and other things that accept credit cards. It fits right in the credit card slot. People are intrigued by the tract and often ask for more for their friends or want to stop and talk about it. It’s an easy way to start a conversation about the gospel.

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