Allah: A Corrupt Judge

The job of a judge is to make sure justice is carried out in each case. He is to see that the innocent are set free, and to make sure that the guilty are punished. Only a wicked judge would punish the innocent or free the guilty.

We are assured that the God of the Bible is just in Psalm 9:8, Isaiah 11:4, John 5:30, Revelation 19:11, etc. We’re all guilty of breaking God’s law, and deserve to be punished. For anyone to go to heaven, Jesus had to pay our fine with His own blood. Blood is the only currency God accepts to pay for sin (Leviticus 17:11). Justice has been served in my case, because even though I’m guilty, Jesus took my punishment, and I can be set free. God made a way to maintain His justice and let people into heaven.

Muslims believe that they can make up for their sins by obeying the 5 pillars of Islam. This is like telling a human judge that you washed his car, and volunteered at the soup kitchen to make up for your crime. A good judge doesn’t care about your good deeds, but only about making sure that you’re punished for your crimes. Furthermore, doing things for the judge to earn his leniency is bribery. Nevertheless, this is exactly how Muslims intend to get to heaven—bribery.

Allah (if he actually existed) could do anything he wants, including forgiving sins for no good reason, but if this is what Muslims say that he does, it makes Allah a wicked judge who accepts bribes, and doesn’t care at all about justice.

The truth is that most people intend to get to heaven by bribing God with good deeds. We’ve sinned against an infinitely holy God, and deserve infinite punishment. We need to have our infinite fine paid, or we will pay it ourselves in hell. Justice must be served. Only the infinite blood of Jesus is adequate to pay our fine. Repent and trust Jesus alone to get to heaven.


8 Responses to Allah: A Corrupt Judge

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Bill,

    It pains me to think about it but you are exactly right. Most people plan on doing enough good works for God (amounting to bribery) so that He will let them into Heaven. This is not the way of the God of the Bible but it IS the way of the god of the Koran (Quran??). The works based salvation plan leads straight to Hell. No one is able to earn (with good works) their way into Heaven.

  2. billphillips says:


    I think that America’s religion is being a good person, because good people go to heaven. Unfortunately, many of the people who hold that belief would say they’re Christian. That premise is what all religions except Christianity are built on. Good (morally perfect) people go to heaven, but no one is good (Luke 18:19).


  3. timbob says:

    Greetings. It’s amazing how widespread the “good deeds outweighing the bad deeds” philosophy is in our culture as well as in the islamic world. You do a great job in this post of explaining the error in such thinking.

    have a blessed evening in Jesus.


  4. skubalon says:


    I have read that what you have suggested if actually true. That Alah does judge on such flippant things as if he like the person or if they have done enough. So I assume one could get before him and he say, “You know you did do all that but I never really liked you anyway.”

  5. billphillips says:


    I’ve also heard that if Allah lets someone into heaven, it’s possible that you’ll make him mad at some point, and he’ll kick you out.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses think that the majority of them who will spend eternity on earth have to continue to behave as good JWs or they can be sentenced to death (but they just cease to exist–they don’t go to hell).


  6. MZ says:

    I do not know where your state of mind is. But are not Western people supposed to be more clever than this?

    All I could see is your guys judging a book by its cover? Is that not the way of cave men who looks at something and if they like it, they agree with it simply from its outer appearance.

    I am pretty sure that you guys would fail in any British University if your thesis or work was done in the same manner. Weak arguments without any solid evidence. Remember in any book, we can always trick people who have not read it by quoting here and there and giving a conclusion. But if someone else has read that same book, it is harder to trick that person.

    Sadly, you havent even opened the actual book if I am not mistaken. Your parents sure did give you a backward education. Pls go learn comparative religion so that you have some background in all religions to be able to talk about them. A layman cannot be giving lectures of medicine because that is simply not his field of work.

  7. Bill says:

    Hi MZ,

    I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Maybe you could cite some specific example.


    • beautifully written short article that demonstrates my 2 main criticisms of islam-1) it totally misrepresents the nature of God God is absolutely righteous and JUST AND MERCIFUL( because Jesus- God incarnate paid the penalty all of our sins deserved- God can be both just judge and merciful savior!)

      2) it trivializes sin and the penalty of sin ( God says “the soul that sins will die” and only with the shedding of blood ( old testament – innocent animals to cover sin , and New Testament Jesus’ sin atoning death and resurrection for our sins OR or our own death and our souls in hell ! ), lslam makes sin a book keeping exercise where if ‘good deed out weigh bad deeds” one gains entrance in to heaven which a drunken bordello in the sky!

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