Ray Comfort and the Dead Sea Scrolls

My wife and I just returned from a quick vacation in San Diego. The San Diego Natural History Museum has a portion of the Dead Sea Scrolls on display. After having to walk through a dinosaur display biased by evolutionary thoughts and bad science to get to the beginning of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, I started to worry about whether the curators would be too biased to give an accurate portrayal of the Scrolls.

It was an interesting exhibit, and one of the final displays discussed how the Old Testament we have now is the same as the Old Testament in the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Bible stands up to the critics, even when we find manuscripts that are hundreds of years older than the second oldest manuscripts.

On Saturday, after the museum, we drove up to Huntington Beach where Ray Comfort was supposed to open air preach. We get there just a few minutes before he started preaching (which was a small miracle after having to wait for what seemed like forever in line to pay for parking, which made me all the more grateful that I live in a small town). Ray started out preaching the law and the Gospel, while a lady tried to escape from a straight jacket. It took her only about 3 minutes to escape, and it gathered a crowd of about 50-100 people. Ray continued preaching, and Scotty took over. He asked anyone who disagreed or had any questions to step up to the microphone. Scotty talked to an atheist named Shaw for about 10 minutes, and Mark Spence took over.

What impressed me about the whole thing is that while open air preaching sounds intimidating, they made it look easy. Seeing them do it made me think anyone can do it, especially if you’ve been witnessing for a while, and you know how to answer objections. They do the same thing as when talking one on one, except louder. Mark Spence seemed to me to have a natural talent for being animated and passionate about what he was saying.

If you have any doubts that Ray Comfort practices what he preaches, rest assured, he’s the real thing, even hustling around giving out tracts while the other guys were preaching. cimg06134.jpg

4 Responses to Ray Comfort and the Dead Sea Scrolls

  1. Skubalon says:

    Bill with the great Ray Comfort. He does make it look easy. Those videos look great. Course he is wise to pull the crowd around. I think that that area has to be a hard place b/c its so liberal but also kind of easy b/c it has a sort of carnival atmosphere.

  2. the8thperson says:

    Wow… would be great if we were able to make that drive out to Hunington Beach. It takes us 8 hours just to get outta Florida. I find open-air preaching to be the easy part… it’s gaining the crowd that was difficult.

    Was the lady in a straight jacket part of their attraction? It’s also great to see Ray out and about preaching the gospel. I’m sure he was greatly encouraged by your coming out to see him. God bless you bro!

  3. billphillips says:


    The straight jacket lady was part of the attraction. It’s hard to say whether she drew the crowd or whether there was just so many people around, and they’d stop to look at almost anything. Ray gave the law and the gospel, and a heckler stepped up right away and they kept a steady crowd for quite a while.


  4. Job says:

    billphillips: hope that he puts it up on Youtube!

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