Planning for Halloween

We have two choices on Halloween.

  1. We can turn the porch light off, and keep the candy for ourselves.
  2. We can turn the porch light on and pass out candy along with Gospel tracts, making Halloween not just a repackaged occult holiday, but an opportunity to give the Gospel to some kids who may never go to church.

I can suggest a few tracts that kids (and adults) will love:
Million dollar bills

Giant Money 

Ten Commandment Coins 

Another possible source is: Custom Tract Source

Don’t put off placing your order. Halloween is only a couple weeks away.

 If you’re not a Christian, check out this site.

5 Responses to Planning for Halloween

  1. the8thperson says:

    Amen bro,
    You nailed it! So many Christians hide out on Halloween, but that is not what we are called to do.

    Last year I took my son out trick or treating. We had the large bills with us. We gave them out to all the houses in the neighborhood and also the kids and the youth that were out on the streets.

    Afterwards, we went out and open-air preached in downtown ft.Lauderdale and the streets were flooded. Everyone thought that our open air preaching was a costume or something. But hey… the Word got out. We had a blast doing it too!

    Great post Bill. God bless you!

  2. rjperalta says:

    Another thing I did one year, is printed out some key scriptures and rubber banded them to the candy.
    Be creative,

  3. ila says:

    Remember to pray today that God’s message will go out and the devil’s will be squelched. Shine the Light of Jesus in the darkness!

  4. Odale says:

    Wish I had seen this post earlier but I feel better none-the-less! Mine was the only post I saw before H’ween stating essentially the same thing; take the holiday away from satan!! I really appreciate what “the8thperson” shared in taking his son out and showing him the way!
    God Bless and thanks for sharing the links, too.

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