The Gospel in Czech

A missionary in the Czech Republic who my church helps support came to the service on Sunday. He gave a little presentation and a slide show. It seems that many missionaries are mostly interested in humanitarian work. While this work is important, and Christians should be involved, I think our first focus should be on giving people what the world cannot give: the gospel.

I was pleasantly surprised when he said that he has given out 45,000 gospel tracts in the last couple years. He showed slides of himself open-air preaching and witnessing. I was also surprised to find out that he doesn’t just tell people that Jesus loves them, but he actually uses the law (the Ten Commandments) to convict people of their sin, and he uses some Way of the Master tracts. I grabbed a million dollar bill in Czech from his table in the lobby.
Only 0.2% of Czechs are born-again Christians. He definitely needs our prayers. You can take a look at his website at


5 Responses to The Gospel in Czech

  1. Jim says:

    I’ve just bought a load of million pound note tracts from I’m using them in Sheffield, England and they’re a useful ice-breaker (and with us English there is a fair bit of ice to break). Any Brits need to know about the tracts they have at

  2. billphillips says:


    My wife and I went to visit her family in Canada this summer, and I took U.S. million dollar bills. In America, 90% of people get excited when they see them. In Canada, they were mostly just puzzled. I think it’s because their money is very colorful, and ours is pretty monotone, and they didn’t really recognize it as money.

    Thanks for your comment,

  3. Jim says:

    Cheers Bill,

    Can i get a bit of advice – do you evangelise Muslims? If so, how do you deal quickly and effectively with the “the bible is corrupt” thing. I believe there is a Quran verse that says they should read the bible but i can’t remember it just now. Keep fishing!

  4. billphillips says:


    It’s so frustrating when people say they don’t believe the Bible. I’ve never talked to a Muslim in person, but many people seem to have little respect for the Bible, especially after you’ve told them what it really says.

    I think I heard this analogy on the WOTM Radio. You don’t have to defend a lion, you just have to let it out of its cage. Nevertheless, a friend and I made a tract about the Bible, which I can send you in a Word file if you’re interested. It’s posted under ‘Is the Bible Trustworthy?’ at the top of this page. We only pass it out to those who doubt the Bible after we’re done witnessing to them.

    Also, check out The WOTM used a lot of his material for the School of Biblical Evangelism, and there’s quite a bit of stuff on Islam.


  5. Jim says:

    I’d appreciate that Bill. Yesterday, get this, a girl called herself an atheist at uni. I challenged her to examine for herself the evidence for the resurrection. She said, “i’m so arrogant I’m going to reject it without looking at the evidence” She said it!

    Which got me thinking – the resurrection and judgement are linked by paul in acts 17 – he has given proof of this (that judgment will indeed come) by the resurrection of jesus. I.e. if an unbeliever says, ‘Why should i believe in the judgement?’ We can say, because jesus rose from the dead according the eye-witness testimony of the scripture. That happened, therefore judgment will happen.

    Keep on fishing!

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