Blossom Festival

In my hometown, the Blossom Festival, the annual celebration of the fruit trees blossoming in the spring, attracts thousands of people to attend the carnival, parade, craft fairs, concerts, band competitions, and plenty of other activities. It makes Canon City a great environment for witnessing.

Last Wednesday, three friends and I went to the opening night of the carnival. The weather was a little bit nippy, so there weren’t too many people there. I passed out million-dollar bill gospel tracts, and had some interesting conversations:

• One of the guys operating a ride claimed to have never looked at a woman with lust. I asked him if he’s a homosexual, and he insisted that he liked girls, but had never had a sexual thought about anyone besides his wife.
• A young couple said they attend church regularly. I asked them why God should let them into heaven, and they said He should let them in because they have lived such a good life. I went through the law with them, and explained the gospel. They said it made sense to them. They were very nice, and thanked me for talking to them. I’m somewhat familiar with the church they attend, and believe it’s a Bible-believing church. That just shows that sometimes the people that need to hear the gospel are sitting down the pew from you.

We went back to the carnival on Friday night, and it seemed like my friend, Norman, had great conversations with everyone. My conversations were a little bit more of a struggle, but that’s OK. There were three couples standing by the concession stand that were dressed like the Crips and the Bloods. He walked up to them, and started a conversation with them using an optical illusion tract. It’s so easy to approach even a large group of people with those, and at least start a friendly conversation. Norman took them through the law and the gospel, and they thanked him for talking to them. As we walked away, Norman mentioned that it seems like “gangsters” always seem to respond positively.

At Saturday’s parade thousands of people lined about 10 blocks of Main Street. My wife and I started at the end of the parade, and walked to the beginning, crossed the street, and walked back to the end. We only offered tracts to those who didn’t seem too intent on watching the parade. Before we reached the end, we had passed out all of the tracts we had (about 400).

After the parade was over, my wife and I noticed three teenage girls behind us on the sidewalk. We asked if they wanted a chance to win $20. This intrigued them, and so we told them that if they could name all of the Ten Commandments, they would get the money. They did better than I expected, naming four of them. I asked them if they had kept the law. One of the girls left, but the other two stayed, and we had a great conversation. Before we left, I gave them more in-depth tracts.

I thank God for the opportunities He gave me to spread the gospel. I didn’t get serious about witnessing until the end of last May, and I was excited to evangelize at the Blossom Festival for the first time.


One Response to Blossom Festival

  1. evangelizehull says:

    Hey Bill, may God bless you and your wife’s ministry. I have been reading your endevours, and it is so encouraging to hear your adventures, and the adventures of other evangelists with a passion for taking the gospel to the whole world. The power of God unto salvation! =)

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